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Peter is a multi-talented individual who's skills are focussed around musicianship, information technology and aviation. He is currently engaged in activities as a professional musician, private/classroom teacher, computer programmer, I.T. specialist and pilot involved in airfield operations. 

His interest in music began at an early age with his first post as organist at the age of 15. Alongside this, he was appointed as a computer programmer at Electronic Data Systems, Rolls Royce Aerospace, Derby.  He studied classical organ performance as a   pupil of David Johnson, suborganist of Derby Cathedral and in 2000 he entered Birmingham Conservatoire where he studied with Professor David Saint and Douglas Hollick. This enabled further study in Holland Hamburg and Paris.

The fusion of I.T. with music led to an interest as part of his final project which exploited music technology and digital sampling to create sample-sets for the Hauptwerk virtual pipe organ software which he maintains an active interest in.In 2004 he graduated with a Bachelor of Music with Honours degree in Organ Performance followed by a Postgraduate Certificate in Education at Birmingham City University. He is currently studying organ improvisation with the world renowned concert organist and composer David Briggs.

In 2013 he embarked studies as a pilot and he obtained his  Private Pilot's Licence followed by further interests developing in airfield operations Beccles Airfield.

Peter lives in Suffolk, England with Hannah his wife and his three children, Thomas, Imogen and Jennifer.  He is a committed Christian.
For further information or to book Peter, please do not hesitate to get in touch by email.