Peter Collings

Classical Organist. Improviser. Teacher. Programmer. Aviator. 

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Peter Collings has been associated with classical music, education, computer technology and aviation in equal measure over the last 20 years. He has achieved success in all of these fields and he is a multi-skilled person who continues to strive to apply his abilities to a wide and varied number of projects. Problem solving, creativity and interpersonal skills are key to much of his work. As well as striving to serve, he is keen to meet new people and to make a difference.                        

Peter commenced his first post as organist in 1993 at the early
age of 15 whilst a pupil of David Johnson, suborganist at Derby Cathedral. Alongside this, in 1998 he trained as a computer programmer at Rolls-Royce Aerospace in Derby. In 2000 he entered Birmingham Conservatoire where he achieved a Bachelor of Music with Honours Degree in Organ Performance as a student of Professor David Saint and Douglas Hollick. During this time he was able to visit Holland, Hamburg and Paris for further masterclasses as well as playing at other notable historic UK venues such as Cambridge, Oxford, St Pauls Cathedral London and Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. He is currently studying organ improvisation with David Briggs, world famous concert organist and improviser. In 2005 achieved a Postgraduate Certificate in Education at Birmingham City University where he gained 'Qualified Teacher Status'. During a career in teaching of over 12 years every music department he has overseen has achieved record results.


On a wider canvas, he is a keen aviator and in 2012 he became a qualified pilot. Since then he has been involved in airfield operations and he is training as a flying instructor. He is actively involved in Flight and Air to Ground Radiotelephony and intends to train as an examiner in these fields. He maintains an active interested in amateur radio and radioelectronics as well as computer programming.

Peter is constantly open-minded to ways in which he can apply his skills to serve others - he is a committed Christian and aims to try to live his life by such values. Please see He lives in Suffolk with his wife Hannah and his three children Thomas, Imogen and Jennifer.

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Widor Toccata from Symphony V .mp3

Demo sample of Peter Collings performing 'Toccata' from 'Symphony V' by Charles Marie Widor.

Hannah Collings



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Organ Improvisation Library .mp3

Recordings of Peter Collings improvising on the 'Contra Bombarde Concert Hall'.